Ellis Paul sings with true emotion in every song he proforms.  If you have never seen him live please do. A very rich proformer in deed.
Head shots 
Music is the gift of the Gods.  To play is a freedome that grants us the emotion to love.
Barry Dodd at Milaukee music festival
One of my very favorite subjects to photograph....Signs of the U.S.A. Some are just pure works of art in the sky.
Destiny - Head shots are one of the most important part of the film industry. You must capture the persons full personality and  emotion in order for the film house to see who they are.
Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady and Barry Mittenhoff of Hot Tuna. For more on Hot Tuna click here.
David Bowie
Some of my best times in doing photography and film is capturing the spirit of the people I shoot. Its not getting the perfect shot.  For me it's capturing the soul of the proformer and all they put into that song. Getting there feeling on film. A perfect shot is fantastic when you get it but, it is about the music and trying to bring that forth on film.
Brandi Carlile
Rain at the Biltmore
My real first love in photography has always been building scapes and elements.  I feel you can capture the intrusion of man on nature in many forms, and the beauty of imagination of being human and having the gift to create.
Simon Nicol of Fairport Convention. Fairport is one of my favorite bands. From 1967 till present the band has produced and worked with some of folks greatest artist. From Sandy Denny to Richard Thompson the impact Fairport has made is legendary and most important to the music world.
Dave Cousins
The Strawbs. Dave, Chas and I at the Strand.
Dave Lambert
Another great western beauty
RT and me at the Count Basie
Richard Thompson
Chris Leslie of Fairport
Rick Sanders of Fairport